7 Things Silently Make Your Skin Aging Faster

Everyone, especially women, is craving for youthful skin, away from wrinkles, even though they are old. Different ways to achieve youthful skin, such as using anti-aging skin care products are definitely not cheap. But, do you know that things around us can accelerate skin aging? By knowing this, you can actually avoid it, thus preventing skin aging.

What causes skin cells to aging?

Many things can cause your skin cells aging. Some of these things may not prevent you and some others can still fix you. One thing that is surely to happen and you can not change is the natural aging process associated with time. This is normal, as your age begins to grow, the wrinkles begin to appear, the skin becomes thinner and drier.

Your gene controls most of these changes. It is a factor of aging from within the body or in medical terms better known as the intrinsic aging. It is an extrinsic aging factor, that is, from the environment and lifestyle you have. Of course, this factor can control you, which can slow down the effects of aging your skin.


What can accelerate skin aging?

Some of the following factors can accelerate the aging of your skin, especially if you do not control well.

1. Damage to the skin due to the sun

Yes, every day your skin is exposed to the sun. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can cause mild damage to the skin called elastin. Damage to this elastin can cause the skin to become tight, stretching, and losing its ability to be healthy after stretching.

Skin damage from sunlight may be seen as you age. To avoid damaging the skin, you can protect your skin from exposure to sunlight.

“….as your age begins to grow, the wrinkles begin to appear, the skin becomes thinner and drier….”

2. Smoking

Cigarette smoke and chemicals contained in cigarettes can cause biochemical changes in the body that can accelerate aging. That way, it’s no wonder that smokers usually get skin wrinkles more quickly than people who do not smoke.

3. Bad dietary intake

The skin also requires a lot of nutrients to maintain its health. This nutrient is mainly derived from vegetables and fruits containing many vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants. Antioxidants in vegetables and fruits are essential for protecting the skin from free radicals that can cause skin cells damage. On the contrary, eating foods containing a lot of sugar or carbohydrates can speed up skin aging.


4. Air pollution

The pollution around you contains small particles that can enter the body and cause aging on the skin. This tiny particle can cause damage to skin cells, creates wrinkles, fine lines, and makes the skin dry and dull.

5. Facial expressions

Repeated face movements can also accelerate aging skin. As you move the face muscles, the curvature will form under the skin’s surface. Since your skin will aging along with age and loses its elasticity, the skin will be difficult to return to its normal form so that this curve will form permanently as fine lines and wrinkles.


6. Stress

During stress, your body produces stress hormones (hormone cortisol) that can affect skin cells. This stress hormone can lead to premature aging and may also increase oil production on the skin that can cause acne. Therefore, it is best to control your stress. Lack of sleep can make your body stressful. Easy enough sleep is needed because the stress hormones are at normal levels as you sleep, thus providing time for cells to repair themselves and rejuvenate the skin.

7. Sleeping position

Sleeping with the same position every night can also cause wrinkles in the face. Sleeping in a long-standing position can cause fine lines around the cheeks and chin. Sleeping position is a good sleep position to help prevent wrinkles. In this position, you are against gravity so that your skin is not pulled down.



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