What Has Life Taught Me Recently..Its Possible, Biiznillah (With The Will of Allah)!

“If you run now, you’ll always be running from reality! Anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly until you get it right – Les Brown”

You Are Significant!

I would like to share an inspiration about what has life thought me but it seems difficult to convey in public, thus, I’ll just make a long essay out of it hoping that I can touch someone else life with this essay. Actually we are all significant. We all have special gifts and talents that make us not only unique but also great. Everyone has the power to change someone’s life. Everyone has a voice and a stage and the ability to impact the world in a positive way. This isn’t just about turning lemons into lemonade or seeing the glass as half full. It’s taking action. It’s pushing yourself to do what you were meant to do – not necessarily what you are doing right at this moment. It’s seeing beyond what’s in front of you and imagining the endless possibilities.

At some time, it just seems that you just wait through life, depressed, feeling powerless, hopeless, and useless and bored. The thing is, you know you can do more, but however you are feeling discontent with where you are. You get angry with yourself. This is actually not a good habit. Because you know what life has taught me recently? You are significant. And everything you want to do, it is possible.

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It’s Possible!! Always Possible!!

How do you motivate yourself? Successful people said that, in order to be motivated, you must work on yourself continuously. Never be satisfy with yourself. Always know that as you invest the effort and time on you that’s the greatest ability of a human being above animals. A cow can be anything but a cow, a tree can be anything but a tree, while human being you’ve got unlimited potential.  You can put effort on you and by concentrating on you, you can transform your life wherever you are. It’s possible!

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Be Brave. Dream Big. Have Faith!

So ask yourself, where will your path take you if you decide to push yourself to do what you were meant to do? Where might you find yourself that you never dreamed possible? It doesn’t have to be soaring through the air on a hot-air balloon, but then again, why not? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Be brave. Dream big. Have faith. All the knowledge in the world won’t do you any good if you sit on it. The idea is you could do anything if you set your mind to it. And don’t be scared to look down. The view is pretty spectacular.  When you learn something, you need to put it into play, otherwise, it’s like holding the basketball and never taking that jump shot!

You Are Powerful!!

The biggest challenge that you will have in life is you. You are actually powerful! Try to discover who you are. You can even create a miracle! Just remember this by heart,

“….if you do what is easy, your life will be hard, but if you do what is hard, your life will be easy….” ~Les Brown

Eighty-five percent of Americans go to jobs but they’re unhappy. If you’re doing something eight hours a day that you don’t like, it’s not giving you what you want, it’s not giving you a strong feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. You’re miserable, you hate to go there; you’re depressed just thinking about it, you’re saying the ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ song every week!

Most People Will Resist Change.

I will Persist Until I Succeed!

If that’s what it is, it is a call for you to start thinking to change directions of your life. See, but you know what most people will do? Most people will resist change. Most people will fight change as if change would be worse than what they’re already experiencing. See, they know this, they’re familiar with this: most people will not challenge the unknown, they won’t just step out there (comfort zone) and honestly life isn’t like that. That’s not how you grow.

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So as you look at your life, you think “I’m not getting what I want”. As you begin to look toward the future: begin to know that whatever it takes for you to create that, you’ve got that in you. You’ve got genius in you, you’ve got goodness in you, and you’ve got creativeness in you. If you decide to take the initiative to change the current quality of your life, I say to you that you will find that the universe is on your side; that life is on your side. Now,

Will it be turbulent? Yes.

Will it be easy? No.

Will you have some opposition? Yes.

Will I make a lot of mistakes? Yes.

Will I get hurt? Yes!

A lot of people won’t try anything different in life because they don’t want to get hurt. Let me tell you something: it’s too much pain to duck! Pain is everywhere! You can’t hide from the pain, it will come where you are. It’s everywhere! Viktor Frankl calls it ‘unavoidable suffering’. You can’t duck it.

But most people spend their life not wanting to deal with the pain of rejection; the pain of defeat; the pain of not wanting to be disappointed; the pain of losing; the pain of failure; the pain of being criticised; the pain of not being liked; the pain, the pain, the pain. That’s called life! Life is full of pain. It’s everywhere. But guess, what: there’s no pain, without gain. Because it’s the pain of regret that you experience. “If I had it to do over again”: that’s a pain.

You Can Do It!

Most people are governed by their habits; their fears; and the opinions of others. A lot of people never try anything differently because they have been convinced by people in their lives that they value, that they can’t do it. They’re living in the context of the opinions that other people have of them; the low expectations. Many people doubt themselves because when they thought about doing something in some critical point in their life, somebody they respected and honoured, somebody they believed in, somebody that they loved, someone they trusted, said: “you can’t do that”. And they accepted that.

What Would Your Life Be Like…….

As you look at your life, ask yourself the question: what would your life be like, what would your life look like, if you decided not to care what people thought of you? What would your life be like if you decided to give up some of your fears? What would your life be like if you decided to become courageous? What would your life be like if decided to act on your dream? If you did what you felt in your heart?


Do you know what courageous means? Tom Ruskin and Randy Reed said that courage comes from a French word which means “of the heart”. But how does it feel to you? He says it takes courage to live. He says most people go through life not allowing themselves to step out because they don’t want to let go. They don’t want to be blown around, they don’t want to be moved. The courage to face life’s swirling wind of contradictions, the courage to love yourself, the courage to love, the courage to take a chance and the courage to be who you are.

People Nowadays Are Dead People, or Emotionless Robots…

Many people are dead now. Many people are allowing their dreams to die. Many people allowing their ideas to lie dormant and collect dust. Many people have all this talent and ability that they are allowing to be buried inside of them, that they will take with them to their graves, because they didn’t have the courage to be who they are. And I say as you begin to look toward the future and manifesting your greatness, it’s going to take everything in you. Everything in you. Your life deserves the concentrated effort to begin to look at how is it that I can express more of me? How is it that I can bring my ideas out here now? And start living with a sense of urgency.

Listen To Yourself! Your Inner Voice…

Life is unpredictable. It’s uncertain. There are no guarantees, no guarantees out here at all. So holding back, what are you waiting for? What’s the benefit of your waiting? What’s the benefit of your not living your dream? What’s the benefit of not listening to yourself? Please, listen to yourself.

You know the feelings; if you start listening to the feelings in your heart– if there is something you have been given, if you’ve heard something within yourself, that what you’re doing now doesn’t fit for you, doesn’t work for you, it’s not giving you what you want, and there’s something else that you want to do? Don’t allow that inner doubt in you to talk you out of it. To build a case on why you can’t have it, to tell you why you’re not good enough. You ignore that inner voice and all the external voices.

Don’t judge the possibilities for what you can do based upon the circumstances, because the circumstances won’t determine who you are. Don’t determine what you’re able to do based upon your resources. Don’t determine what’s possible for you based on where your life is right now. Where your life is right now is not you! That’s just what it is right now.

You! Yes You!

You Can Make Your Dreams Become Reality! Believe It!

I’m saying that if you know anybody that has some goals, some dreams, something that he want to do, if someone can do it, you can also do it! You can make your dream become reality. Begin with the end in mind, where you want to go and beginning to embrace that, it’s possible. I can do what I want to do. I can write my own book. I can take the trip and travel all around the globe. I can have my own business. It’s possible.


Listen To Yourself

And once you start listening to yourself and as you begin to act on your dream, as you start just trying to find your way, doing what you can with what you have, you will start seeing things opening up to you. You will start attracting people. You say “where’d they come from?” Things will start coming together, clicking for you, you say “whoa”, you start brainstorming – ideas will come from nowhere as you focus on them.

The key to it is to begin to focus on what it is you want to do. “Why is that important?” Because as you focus on what you want to do, that which we give our energy to; it will begin to multiply, it will begin to expand, it will begin to develop your consciousness, and out of that comes your greatness. Out of that comes your commitment, out of that comes your passion for life, out of that comes a special power that you have in you that you haven’t even called on yet.

Challenge ’em!

See, the powers that we have will never reveal themselves if we don’t challenge them. If we don’t put ourselves in the position where we have to use them. So one of the most important things: quoted from a book that’s really interesting called ‘Instant Millionaire’ and the guy said “put yourself in a position where you can’t retreat. Where it’s do or die, sink or swim.” Here’s what you’ll find out: “You’ll develop incredible swimming skills!” You’ll find yourself stroking on like you’re never stroked before. For the inspiration of desperation, you become more creative than ever before.

So as we look at the future, we can decide that from this day forward that we’re going to do all we can do to develop ourselves. To bring our talent out here, to make a contribution, to life.


…..you are significant. And everything is possible, Biiznillah (with the will of Allah)! and if you set your mind on it.

The End


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